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Hayley McFarland Jon James Smith Babushaka 2024_2.23.1.jpg
Rangda still final_1.69.1.jpg
High Quality Last Orders Jon James Smith 2_1.25.2.jpg
Jon James Smith Do Not Disturb Film Director 2_1.63.2.jpg
High Quality Shriekfest Jon James Smith_1.4.1.jpg
SPIRA Pic 2.jpg
screen grab fanged up 1 better_1.2_edited.jpg

'a masterwork'

'Incredible amount of talent on display'

'a wonderful short film with a clever narrative'

'a magnificent horror short'

'It's Jon James Smith's attention to detail
that really impresses'

MJ Simpson

'a beautifully crafted story and film'
UK Horror Scene

'Smiths’ work is undoubtedly engaging'

'Jon did an amazing job showing how a dream can turn into a reality with hard work!'
Denise Gossett
Shriekfest Founder & Director

'very impressive directorial debut'

'a good concept that is very well executed by Smith'

'it really leans into the emotional honesty of an authentic family enduring a crisis.
...a central dramatic familial issue that is enhanced by the horror element'


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