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SPIRA (2012)

''This is the very impressive directorial debut of Jon James Smith. It is a disturbing, unsettling, well shot horror film that was made on a zero budget.'' -


''It's a good concept that is very well executed by Smith who has a great eye for framing and mood but Spira is particularly memorable for Hephzibah Roe's excellent performance as Laura and Smith's own sound design which is remarkably effective. This is an impressive debut.'' -


''a genuinely unsettling thriller that is incredibly impressive given that it was shot without a budget by a first time director.'' -


''a psychological horror thriller that captivates.'' -

  • BRITISH HORROR AWARD, British Horror Film Festival 2013 (Nominated)

  • BEST SHORT FILM, British Horror Film Festival 2013 (Nominated)

  • BEST ACTRESS, British Horror Film Festival 2013 (Nominated)

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - British Horror Film Festival 2013, The Rocky Horror Picture Show Florida 2013, Cornwall Horror Fest 2015

  • Screened at The Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival 2014

  • Screened at Empire Cinemas in Leicester Square London

  • Screened at Cinema Carnival: Frightmares in Winnipeg, MB, Canada 2015

  • In-Cahoots Film Screening, Brixton, London

  • Featured on

  • Featured on the Chilling Tales For Dark Nights website and YouTube channel

  • Featured on the National Youth Film Academy Top5 TV series, and the Top5 greatest hits special episode

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