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Do Not Disturb (2015)

Starring Richard Shelton (My Week with Marilyn, House of Lies)

"Seemingly every scene is a twist that dramatically shifts your opinions and predictions of the plot. Every line of dialogue, camera movement, or cut could potentially reveal new and astonishing information. Every sudden storyshift also leads to subtle, but clever, change in genre. [...] It is a perfect example of how to reveal the exact amount of information in a scene needed for the scene to work."

- UK Film Review

"...this is tautly plotted; not a word of dialogue, not a shot or edit is wasted in telling us an actually quite complex story... It's Jon James Smith's attention to detail that really impresses... hugely recommended. MJS rating: A" - MJ Simpson


"Really thrilling and suspenseful stuff" - Film Shortage


"This looks and feels like it could be taken right out of a big budget Hollywood blockbuster thriller... If you get an opportunity to see this film please take it. You'll be glad you did. Strong recommend."

- ScareTissue


"...a beautifully crafted story and film unfold. Shot confidently and with an eye for flair, Director Smith never wastes a moment... Jon James Smith has crafted a clever and gripping film that made me want to see more than the 14 minutes given. His creative team and talent should be proud of this little gem and all the recent accolades are well deserved. I look forward to Mr Smith's future works"

- UK Horror Scene

"a compelling piece, composed of endless twists, turns and red herrings. Expertly shot, with keen focus and attention to detail [...] Smiths’ work is undoubtedly engaging- catching the viewer from the very first moments of screen time. The piece also employs interesting characters, compelling details, passion, and yes, even the occasional chuckle."


  • PLATINUM REMI AWARD, WorldFest-Houston 2016 (Winner)

  • BEST NARRATIVE SHORT, Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood 2015 (Winner)

  • BEST MUSIC, British Horror Film Festival 2015 (Winner)

  • TRAILER OF THE WEEK, Awardeo (Winner)

  • BEST ACTRESS - Kathryn Leeman, Chicago Horror Film Festival 2016 (Nominated)

  • BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR - Richard Shelton, Chicago Horror Film Festival 2016 (Nominated)

  • BEST SHORT FILM, HorrorHound Weekend 2016 (Nominated)

  • BEST SHORT, British Horror Film Festival 2015 (Nominated)

  • BEST DIRECTOR, British Horror Film Festival 2015 (Nominated)

  • BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR - Richard Shelton, British Horror Film Festival 2015 (Nominated)

  • BEST OF SHORT FILM Official Selection - Horror/Thriller Feedback Film Festival, Toronto 2016

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Shockfest Film Festival 2021  HorrorHaus Film Festival 2021  Chicago Horror Film Festival 2016  London Independent Film Festival 2016  WorldFest-Houston 2016  HorrorHound Weekend - Cincinnati 2016  Los Angeles CineFest 2016  Thriller/Suspense Festival 2016  Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood 2015  British Horror Film Festival 2015  Russian International Horror Film Festival 2016  Horror-on-Sea 2016  Factory Film Festival - Bournemouth 2015

  • Member of the Indie Filmmaker Panel at HorrorHound Weekend 2016

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